Welcome to the Family Play Project website.


The Family Play Project aims to provide parents with a great repertoire of family games to explore and draw from, to enrich their family lives.  This is an essential parenting skill and one that helps children and families to integrate more fully and enables quality time and connection to become a highly enjoyable experience.


We are interested in working with Primary Schools and Play Schools to get this material across to parents at the earliest opportunity, so that it becomes a natural part of family life. To this end we offer the Family Play Project in a fund raising context for schools so that all round benefit accrues.


What we are interested in is an onward going relationship with schools where after the first year, when the play repertoires are introduced to the parents, the Family Play Project then becomes something that is offered to the parents of each new yearly intake.  In this way it is hoped that a bedrock culture of play, that starts in the home and permeates the school will develop.


The Family Play Project is part of Games of Life which is a Creative Play Agency whose aim is to teach and disseminate and communicate a working knowledge of games and playing into as many different areas of our society as possible.


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